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School is right around the corner and their are teen drivers ready to get on the road. Parents before you let your children get on the road make sure they are aware of  the driving safety rules and  understand the consequences that may follow. We want to make sure all drivers are safe and secure and they are aware of the speed limits. READ MORE >>

You will be amazed about these crazy facts that will blow your mind. 1.Did you know that Dolly Parton insured her famous 40 DD breasts in the 1970's for 600,000 dollars. 2. Tom Jones had his chest hair insured for seven million dollars 3.America Ferrera had her teeth insured by Aquafresh for ten million dollars READ MORE >>

Home insurance policy is very important to have especially if accidents occur. This policy can help repair any damages and the situations that have you in a bind. Here are the following that will assist you. 1. If you lose or misplace your house keys then your homeowners insurance should pay for the locks you may have to replace. READ MORE >>

Your personal property- Did you have your personal property stolen? Was it something of value? Many renters policies will cover the personal items that have been stolen. You may have to show some type of proof of ownership if a claim is needed to be filed. READ MORE >>

I know it is so exciting when you have just gotten married. You have that feeling that you never had before in which you start to be in love. When reality settles in and you have to make decisions about the important stuff for example car insurance things can get very difficult. READ MORE >>

1. Additional Drivers - When you get your rental car you do not have to put all of your friends as a listed driver. The only person who's name should be on the documents is the person who is renting the vehicle. Some companies charge you for each person that you put down as driver. 2. READ MORE >>

We all have had many talks from our parents time after time especially about our driving. How does it feel when the roles switch and your parents get up in age to where you have to give them the talk? It may be hard for some, because they have to tell their parents that they cant or shouldn't drive anymore. READ MORE >>

We all know that the summer is filled with very hot days than we can imagine. The worst part of having to deal with this unbearable heat is figuring out ways to not let your child sit in an hot car. Infants are very prone to heat. There have been 5 children who have died. Kids bodies heat up 3 to 5 times faster then adults. READ MORE >>

1. Drop the fast food- when you drop the fast food and start eating foods that's high fiber iron, and etc.Then you will not gain as much weight 2.Stay away from salt food- It  is very important to stay away from salty foods because its unhealthy for you and you can get high blood pressure. READ MORE >>

Have you ever felt so tired that you did not want to go to work today? Have you ever felt so tired that you could not get up in the morning? The reasons you may feel tired is because your iron may be low or you don not have enough magnesium. You can take a multivitamin to get yourself in tip top shape. READ MORE >>

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