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You may wonder why do some people need a Power of Attorney. If your family member has a terminal illness and you they wanted you to be a beneficiary over your policy then of course you may have to get a power of attorney. Well there was a situation that happened to me the other day. READ MORE >>

    You may wonder how you should prepare for winter. It is a lot of things that may float in your mind that you would like to check.Here are a list of things that you can check. Make sure you monitor your tire pressure- It is important to check your tire pressure once a month, because as the air becomes colder your tire pressure can decrease. READ MORE >>

 You may wonder how important is a MVR. Well if you must know its very important.  How many years can a car insurance go back? A car insurance company can go back at least 5 years  into your driving history this can also change depending on the state you live in. READ MORE >>

It is very important to be truthful to your agent. When you call or come in the office for a quote you have to be completely honest when they are asking you questions. If they ask you if you have ever been in an accident and you have then tell the truth before the agent runs the MVR. You may wonder what is a MVR. READ MORE >>

  Some drivers are hesitant about adding their family members to their policy because of their driving record. Parents may want their teens to be excluded from the policy because it can be a high risk or their driving record can be bad as well. You should not let an excluded driver drive your vehicle. READ MORE >>

 Certain insurance companies are stricter than others when it comes to someone needing to be added on to the policy. This can become a legal issue for you if the person who is driving your vehicle or a vehicle on the policy  without being listed as a driver. READ MORE >>

Georgia rates have increased over twice this year. The rate has increased for over 20 percent of customers. Studies have shown that more than 200 dollars per vehicle had double for the past 4 years. We have a lot of customers call and complain, because they were seeing a lot of rate increases. READ MORE >>

It is very important to make sure you shop around before you purchase insurance for your 18 wheeler.  Medical payments coverage- You should know that you and your employees are in great hands. With the medical payments if an accident occur  READ MORE >>

Trucking insurance for dump trucks mostly falls under the general umbrella of commercial vehicle insurance. This specialized type of coverage protects the business interests usually associated with dump truck operations. You often have to include driving coverage in your policy. READ MORE >>

Before you take the plunge, realize that buying a home means new risks for you, your family and your finances. Nonetheless, there are ways that you can prepare to buy a home to ensure that you address your needs. In one way, a strong homeowners insurance policy can help you protect yourself in your new home. READ MORE >>

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