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It is very important to be truthful to your agent. When you call or come in the office for a quote you have to be completely honest when they are asking you questions. If they ask you if you have ever been in an accident and you have then tell the truth before the agent runs the MVR. You may wonder what is a MVR. READ MORE >>

A number of auto club memberships exist. Some of these present several benefits for vehicle owners. In some cases, they may help you save money on your auto insurance costs. For those looking to reduce costs, investing in membership may be beneficial. However, consumers should take the time to learn as much as possible about them. READ MORE >>

Commercial property insurance helps the customer recover most of their items when a disaster occurs. These disasters may be fire, windstorms, theft, or even vandalism. Many commercial insurance policies also includes Business Interruption Insurance. This policy will cover up to 12 months of lost income when you have to put your business on hold. READ MORE >>

The Georgia law  requires that Georgia drivers have liability insurance on all registered vehicles. Make sure to carry proof of insurance in your vehicle as well. The minimum requirements are: Bodily Injury Liability- This to cover at least 25,000 which covers the injury or the death to any person from an auto accident. READ MORE >>

We all know that the summer is filled with very hot days than we can imagine. The worst part of having to deal with this unbearable heat is figuring out ways to not let your child sit in an hot car. Infants are very prone to heat. There have been 5 children who have died. Kids bodies heat up 3 to 5 times faster then adults. READ MORE >>

Improving your home is a never ending project that will cost you a lot of money. You can do some simple maintenance techniques that will be sure to help you when you do get in a bind. Water There have been many problems that occur in people's homes with water and damages they would have to pay for later. READ MORE >>

Here are some quotes for you when you feel as if you are losing. I hope you continue to stay encouraged and know that everything will follow through. 1.Hope is being able to see that there is light despite of the darkness 2.Life always offers you a second chance it is called tomorrow 3. READ MORE >>

It is a beautiful day outside so get out there and enjoy it. Continue to keep a beautiful smile on your face. Know that the situation that you are going through today is just temporary. Continue to keep the faith and know that everything will fall into place. Here are some quotes for this lovely Friday to brighten your day. READ MORE >>

You should start this day off by being thankful. The more you pause and be thankful for all you have then you will appreciate what you have. Some people may be going through way worse than you  so be thankful. Here are some quotes that will help brighten your day. 1. Gratitude creates its own attitude READ MORE >>

It is a wonderful Wednesday a day to enjoy every aspect of life. You should wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen. Be kind to others, because when you pay it forward it will always come back to you. Know that even obstacles that come your way you can defeat everyone of them. READ MORE >>

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