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It's a marvelous Monday. This is the day to set your goals and act upon it. Even if you failed something or things did not go your way does not make you a failure. If you quit the task than you are considered a failure. When you continue to pick pick yourself up and try again then you are considered a conqueror. READ MORE >>

If you are like most homeowners, you purchased your home insurance and then you didn’t think about it for a few years. Although you have coverage, it’s important to have an annual review with your insurance agent annually. READ MORE >>

Late spring and summer means vacations that often involve long drives. While the first hour or so of driving is filled with anticipation of your much deserved vacation, the remainder of the road trip can become tedious and lead to fatigue or even drowsiness. READ MORE >>

The more information you provide to your insurance carrier, the more accurate the quote you get will be for your property. Often, it is the little details that can help you to save money. When it comes to where you live, provide your home insurance provider with as much information as you can about the details. READ MORE >>

Is it best to remain with the same auto insurance carrier year after year? In many cases, people don't think twice about remaining with the same insurer. In fact, you usually do not have to sign any additional documentation or a new contract once your current contract expires. You just continue to make payments. READ MORE >>

The motorcycle's small size compared to a car means that the rider has more choices about where to position himself within a lane. Positioning within a lane will depend on a number of factors such as maximizing your ability to see and be seen, maintaining a safety buffer of space around yourself,... READ MORE >>

Though mold may only take up a small space, it can cause big problems inside of your home if allowed to continue growing. Large clusters of mold can degrade drywall and other materials, leading to structural damage within your home. And there are health implications as well. READ MORE >>

Since big rigs spend so much time on the road, it's vital to keep them in good shape. Not to mention, maintaining a vehicle is often cheaper than waiting for a problem to arise and repairing the damages. Follow these tips to keep your rigs tucking for years to come. READ MORE >>

Owning a car is a convenience in Georgia because so much work, leisure and general family activity depends on road transport. With a population of about 9 million people, Georgia has about 8 million registered cars and an average about annual 28,000 driving fatalities. READ MORE >>

People ask all the time why their Insurance rates change at their renewal. This is a understandable question. I was one of those irate customers calling my company upset about changes in rates before I sat through the state licensing course. READ MORE >>

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