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  Some drivers are hesitant about adding their family members to their policy because of their driving record. Parents may want their teens to be excluded from the policy because it can be a high risk or their driving record can be bad as well. You should not let an excluded driver drive your vehicle. READ MORE >>

 Certain insurance companies are stricter than others when it comes to someone needing to be added on to the policy. This can become a legal issue for you if the person who is driving your vehicle or a vehicle on the policy  without being listed as a driver. READ MORE >>

If you own a business then you know that you are exposed to numerous risks and situations.If you were to be sued then you could possibly lose your business.There are ways that can stop the situation from happening.  1. Professional Liability Insurance- this type of insurance is also known as errors and omissions insurance. READ MORE >>

 Your operator insurance can vary on different factors. Here are the few: Credit scores can affect the premium. How much CDL  do you have? Is your MVR clean? Do you have the proper signage for your truck? Can you pay the premium in full? Do You have any violations? READ MORE >>

Remember to always drive safely. It is very important to make sure you stay safe on the road. Be mindful that there are always police officers on the road make sure the drivers are driving at a safe speed. Here are some tips on what you should do while on the road. 1. READ MORE >>

There is a technical term for a car that is defective beyond repair and that is called a "lemon". Some states have certain laws to protect the car buyer. Each state only has their own requirements that they qualify for in which it depends on a few things. READ MORE >>

Drive or ride on the passenger side- This can help someone with their driving skills, but if you ride in the front seat then you will be motion less. Please be aware this may or may not work. Try to find the horizon line- try to find a certain line that is distant that will help settle your stomach. READ MORE >>

1.True or False- Homeowners insurance will cover the full cost of any damage to my home or property due to the certain causes. The answer is true, but if only you paid for the replacement cost. 2. Homeowners insurance does not cover: A. Medical or legal cost if a person is in my home B. READ MORE >>

When you shop for a car you can be very excited. Shopping for a car gives you joy and it makes you feel accomplished. Some people may already know what car they would like. Some are willing to pay a little over the price because its new. The important part is to differentiate to see which is better an old car or a used car. READ MORE >>

Do you know what an SR-22 is? An SR-22 is basically a certificate that stated that you are maintaining liability coverage for your vehicle. An SR-22 is a certificate that is filed by the insurance company to the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Who would need an SR-22? READ MORE >>

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