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Budget Insurance Agency Blog: safety tips

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Motorcycles are still motor vehicles, like any other car. So, if you want to ride it on a public road, you have to follow the rules as much, if not more than, anyone else. If you don’t, the police might stop you, or worse, you might cause a wreck. In either case, the offense might have to go on your driving record. READ MORE >>

When you start driving, you likely understand that you’re not as experienced as others on the road. However, inexperience doesn’t necessarily link to age. It can also link to how much you know about the vehicle you drive. Perhaps you decide you want to learn to ride a motorcycle, and it is time to buy your first bike. READ MORE >>

Summer months invite motorcycle enthusiasts to enjoy the longer days and warm nights. It also means more automobile drivers traveling to and from vacation spots. With more drivers on the road, motorcycle safety is challenging. An increased chance exists for accident, theft and motorcycle insurance claims. READ MORE >>

Homeowners who take care of their property stand to enjoy lower home insurance rates. You can perform home maintenance projects in a DIY (do it yourself) fashion or hire a professional. However, it is important to note that if the repairs are faulty, your coverage might not apply. READ MORE >>

When you ride your bike you assume a considerable level of risk to your personal safety. Motorcycles are wonderful for sporting, but they often pose a higher risk than an average car. Motorcycles are on two wheels, making them less stable than a standard car or truck. They need much more precision to operate. READ MORE >>

The motorcycle's small size compared to a car means that the rider has more choices about where to position himself within a lane. Positioning within a lane will depend on a number of factors such as maximizing your ability to see and be seen, maintaining a safety buffer of space around yourself,... READ MORE >>

As a Georgia resident and motorcycle rider, you need to be adequately safe whenever you go out on the road. Check out these 10 tips and make sure you're protected. Wear a Good Helmet. Helmets are the most important piece of safety equipment a motorcyclist can wear to reduce the extent of head injuries. READ MORE >>

Cars are stolen all the time, every day in America. Don’t assume this is something that won’t happen – be active in making sure your car is protected and you don’t become another victim. To make sure you keep your car as safe and secure as possible, here are 10 tips to get you started: READ MORE >>

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