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  Some drivers are hesitant about adding their family members to their policy because of their driving record. Parents may want their teens to be excluded from the policy because it can be a high risk or their driving record can be bad as well. You should not let an excluded driver drive your vehicle. READ MORE >>

 Certain insurance companies are stricter than others when it comes to someone needing to be added on to the policy. This can become a legal issue for you if the person who is driving your vehicle or a vehicle on the policy  without being listed as a driver. READ MORE >>

If you own a business then you know that you are exposed to numerous risks and situations.If you were to be sued then you could possibly lose your business.There are ways that can stop the situation from happening.  1. Professional Liability Insurance- this type of insurance is also known as errors and omissions insurance. READ MORE >>

 Your operator insurance can vary on different factors. Here are the few: Credit scores can affect the premium. How much CDL  do you have? Is your MVR clean? Do you have the proper signage for your truck? Can you pay the premium in full? Do You have any violations? READ MORE >>

My car is acting up what should i do? The first thing is do not be afraid to call the shop. The last thing you want to do is wait and then something else can tear up on your car. If you see a light on your car or have an unusual noise then it is time to have a mechanic to check the situation. READ MORE >>

Car insurance companies investigate claims on a regular basis. Accidents are investigated a certain way depending on how bad the accident is, your  company's policy, and whether the accident involved property, damage, or even injuries. After the claim is filed you will be assigned a claim adjustor and they will make sure you are covered on your policy. READ MORE >>

Renters insurance provides protection with any loss or damages. when you rent a house or an apartment. Most of the time if you  experience any destruction to fire or loss of possessions usually It is not covered by your landlords insurance. Renters insurance mainly covers your valuables not the building within itself. READ MORE >>

We all know that it is Spring break. I know that everyone is looking to go on any trip they can, but the only problem is that they are on a budget. Sometimes it is better to save here and then to make sure your finances are together. Everyone needs a quick getaway especially from their own city. READ MORE >>

Miami, FL is one of the most popular beaches in the world. With the amazing weather, luxurious beaches and amazing sites to see , and to offer there is no question as to why this is a very  popular vacation spot. Besides the beaches here are some other things to do in Miami.  READ MORE >>

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