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A number of auto club memberships exist. Some of these present several benefits for vehicle owners. In some cases, they may help you save money on your auto insurance costs. For those looking to reduce costs, investing in membership may be beneficial. However, consumers should take the time to learn as much as possible about them. READ MORE >>

Most accidents occur because the driver was or became distracted. These are the main types of distractions that may occur while driving: Using a smartphone which could consist of texting, calling, or browsing social media sites. Eating or drinking while driving will lower response time for drivers when they need to react. READ MORE >>

Most home insurance plans provide protection for your personal property, not just the value of your building. That means that you can get help if you’ve lost a valuable item or if something you own is damaged in a covered fire. READ MORE >>

With Hallowe'en coming up this year, there will be many trick-or-treaters, candy and costumes. But there is one thing that should be on your mind—safety. Here are few tips to keep in mind: Many people will be running in and out of the streets, so be cautious and aware of your surroundings. READ MORE >>

If you are like most homeowners, you purchased your home insurance and then you didn’t think about it for a few years. Although you have coverage, it’s important to have an annual review with your insurance agent annually. READ MORE >>

The government and the trucking industry is looking at how better to streamline the industry. Specifically, there is a new push to use electronic monitoring, GPS systems and Internet connectivity within the industry. In some situations, this can be a very good thing. READ MORE >>

The National Safety Council sponsors a program in the month of April for Distracted Driving Awareness. It is a program that aims to clue consumers in on just how frequently people drive distracted and what the risks of doing so are. READ MORE >>

Late spring and summer means vacations that often involve long drives. While the first hour or so of driving is filled with anticipation of your much deserved vacation, the remainder of the road trip can become tedious and lead to fatigue or even drowsiness. READ MORE >>

Fire is one of the biggest risks to homes today. Fires can occur for various reasons. Your home's major systems, such as your heating and cooling systems, your appliances and even a simple candle that is left burning can set your home on fire. Unfortunately, many times these fires can become very large and spread very quickly. READ MORE >>

There are many factors that contribute to why you purchase the vehicle you purchase. For some people, owning a minivan is safer for their families. However, with the cost of owning a car increasing over the years, many people are wondering whether owning a smaller car may be better. READ MORE >>

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